Glass Block Windows & Walls

Mortarless Glass Block 2100 NSL


Mortarless Glass Block 2100 NSL


Mortarless Glass Block 2100mM Extech


Perfection in windscreen, shelter, partition, and interior design.

EXTECH's patented glass block walls and windows are ideal for industrial and transit applications. Easy to erect, maintain and replace featuring aluminum framing of glass blocks translating to great strength and perfect alignment. Whether your design is for transit shelter, partition or interior use, its backed by EXTECH's 35 years of engineering experience.

Solid Glass – Solid Performance

  • Solid glass blocks (1-1/2" thickness) are practically unbreakable, providing a high degree of vandal resistance-perfect for both transit or interior use
  • Rigid aluminum framing and fully gasketed joints offer outstanding strength and durability

Easy Installation – Even easier care

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Exposed aluminum will not deteriorate like mortared joints do
  • Pre-glazed panels install quickly and easily without the area disruptions or shutdowns associated with in place mortared systems
  • Nearly zero maintenance – simply spray wash and it's done
  • Vandalism and graffiti resistant
  • Won't deteriorate due to deicing agents or buildup of dirt or stains in joints, unlike mortared joints
  • Slick, modular surface discourages graffiti artists from using it as their canvas
  • No Unsightly patched joints, unlike mortared systems

Design Flexibility

  • Aluminum framing system can be relocated, unlike mortared systems
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Multiple framing finishes and decorative block options and sizes offer creative interior and art-in-transit possibilities
  • Replaced blocks look identical to old blocks whether used in outside applications or interior design
  • Adapts to fit various existing openings

Beautiful – Inside and Out

  • Clear blocks mean outstanding light transmission as well as weather protection and security for transit shelters or interior design
  • Easily customizable with add-ons like emergency call boxes, advertising and map panels and LED message boards
  • Used for interior design these blocks are perfect for hospitals, schools, office buildings and any facility that needs a low maintenance, high quality solution


Gridlock™ Snap-In Aluminum Framed (Mortarless)


Our patented Gridlock System is specifically designed for interior, windscreen and partition use. This glass block wall is perfect for transit authorities. Not thermally-broken, this system combines virtually unbreakable 2" thick glass specially designed to "snap" into the aluminum frame. Easy to install and maintain, and extremely graffiti resistant, it is an ideal solution for partition, transit shelter or other outdoor applications. A simple pressure wash is all you need. Should a block break, you are not required to replace the entire wall. Simply remove the broken block and snap in another. It's that easy!


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Glass Block GridLock with Inset

Narrow Sight Line #2100NSL


NSL stands for narrow sightline at the perimeter of the grid.  This mortarless system accepts 1-½” thick solid glass blocks. All of EXTECH's Glass Block systems are designed for interior, wind or rain screen and partition use.


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Mortarless Glass Block 2100 NSL 

Mortarless Glass Block 2100 NSL

The Original MatrixWall™ #2100M

This orignal patented system uses individual blocks placed within an aluminum grid. Applications include interior design, smoking or transportation shelters, windscreens, partitions or other uses not related to the building envelope.

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Mortarless Glass Block 2100M Extech

Mortarless Glass Block 2100M Extech

Mini-Matrix #2100mM   

The mini- MatrixWall™ is designed to take blocks only 1-½” thick. Blocks are available in many colors and textures. Best for transit, interior or or decorative use. 


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Mortarless Glass Block 2100mM Extech